Theme: Ripping Off the Bandage: Dealing with Our Economic Disparities, Leveling the Playing Field”

When: Saturday, April 30, 2022, 10:00am – 2:00pm

Host: Chesley McNeil

Keynote Address: Understanding the Financial State of Black America

Keynote Speaker: Phyllis Newhouse


-Financial Preparedness: Protecting Our Assets

Speakers: Olivia Smith, Ebony Ruffin & Victoria Tabio

-Wealth Building (Beginning): Investing in Your Future

Speakers: Sydnee Scruggs & Reginald Bell

-Wealth Building (Advanced): Wealth vs. Riches: Beyond the 401k

Speakers: Lisa Ashby

-Entrepreneurship (Beginning): Launching A Business

Speakers: Montez Diamond & Kimberly Irvin-Lee

-Entrepreneurship (Advanced): The 3 P’s of Growing Your Business: Process, Profit & Procurement

Speakers: Donna Ennis, Rachel Davis, Sanquinetta Dover & Shila Burney

-Advanced Career Development: The Executive Suite: Taking Your Seat at the Table

Speaker: Dekia Scott