International Awareness and Involvement

The MRAC International Awareness and Involvement committee strives to:

  • Provide enriching educational, informational and cultural awareness programs for members of MRAC and members of the local community
  • Inform and educate on issues that women and girls are facing around the world
  • Provide a vehicle for members to travel to international sites to experience different cultures to increase awareness with what’s going on in different countries
  • Increase global awareness and develop the global mindset of our membership and the local communities that we serve
  • To gain broader knowledge and understanding of the local immigrant communities as well as international communities abroad
  • To have an impact in the global community, with special emphasis on countries that span the African Diaspora
  • To conduct service projects in partnership with global communities

The International Awareness and Involvement Committee is dedicated to developing community programs designed to provide assistance, relief, and a variety of resources to developing countries through strategic partnerships. Additionally, the committee seeks to foster local education and advocacy on contemporary social justice issues.

The MRAC commitment to encourage cultural awareness and involvement has been demonstrated by its past projects and future initiatives which include the following programs:

  • World AIDS Day Health Education
  • Collection and distribution of books for distribution in Africa;
  • Partnerships with other organizations in metro Atlanta to bring awareness to human trafficking issues — providing forums to promote information to others about human trafficking;
  • Education to the senior demographic about HIV, Aids and STDs.
  • Participation in Delta Days at United Nations
  • International Sisterhood Retreat



DECEMBER 1, 2020




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For more information about how you can partner with MRAC on our International Awareness Programs, please contact us at:

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