Welcome to the Finance section of the chapter’s website. Sorors are able to use the following payment methods to complete financial transactions for Sorority business. Members can make payment for financial transactions at Chapter and Executive Board meetings or use the below on-line payment options. Members also have the option to mail finance-related forms and payments to Marietta-Roswell Alumnae Chapter, PO Box 70786, Marietta GA 30007.

Click here for the 2024 MRAC Budget

Click here for the Vendor Payment and Reimbursement Schedule

All financial transactions are virtual until further notice.

Finance table accepted payment methods

Credit & Debit Cards


Finance Forms

Current finance forms for this sororal year can be found below for your use.  Click the appropriate box to access the applicable form.  All forms are in a writable format and can be mailed to the Chapter’s mailbox or sent electronically to or

Online Payments

Specific online payments for this sororal year can be found in this section. Any additional online payments outside of these links will be managed outside of this page.  Please click the box to make payment for specific items.


Specific links for donations for this sororal year can be found in this section. Any additional donations outside of these links will be managed outside of this page. Please click on the relevant diamond to make your donation.


How do I reactivate and pay my dues?2022-01-17T18:27:09-05:00

You may use the link below to reactivate and make payment.

2022-2023 Annual Membership Dues




How much are dues?2022-01-17T18:28:01-05:00

The amount due will depend if you are a Life Member, Regular Member or a Member-at-Large. You may use the link to determine your fees.

2022-2023 Annual Membership Dues

Can I pay partial payment for membership renewal?2020-03-24T20:45:13-04:00

No. Partial payment is against Grand Chapter’s policy.

How long will it take to become an active member? When will I be added to the roster?2020-03-24T20:46:12-04:00

Reinstatement may take 30-45 days. You are added to our roster after approval from Grand Chapter.

When will I begin receiving chapter emails and have access to the chapter website?2020-03-24T20:48:24-04:00

You will begin receiving chapter communications and receive chapter website access after Grand Chapter approves your membership renewal (30-45 days).

What forms of payment do you accept?2020-03-24T20:50:06-04:00

We accept all major debit/credit cards, money orders, checks, cashier’s checks, and cash. Cash must be exact change. We do not have petty cash.

When is the next chapter meeting?2020-03-24T20:51:44-04:00

MRAC chapter meetings are the 2nd Saturday in September and the 1st Saturday of each month from October, November, and January through June. We do not have chapter meetings in December, July, and August.

May I pay at chapter meeting?2020-03-24T20:54:02-04:00

Yes. You may pay at the finance table during chapter meetings.

What are the finance table hours?2020-03-24T20:55:30-04:00

The finance table is open from 9-11 am during chapter meetings and 6:30-8 pm during Executive Board meetings.

I am still not receiving correspondence, how do I update my contact information in the Sisters Only Portal?2020-02-04T13:50:01-05:00

You will have to contact Grand Chapter to assist with login. Please use the “need help” or “forgot password” for assistance. The roster comes from the National website.

When does the fiscal year begin/end?2020-03-24T20:58:30-04:00

The fiscal year begins July 1st and ends June 30th.

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