2021 Virtual Meeting Request Process

As we have transitioned to a virtual environment, the Technology Committee has received an influx of meeting requests.  To allow appropriate planning and scheduling, we have instituted a virtual request process.

Please visit the Virtual Meeting Request page for detailed instructions.


2020-2021 Website Submission Guidelines

The MRAC Technology Committee has created the following submission
guidelines to be followed when submitting information to be uploaded to the website.
Please submit all requests to webmaster@dstmrac.com. You will receive a response
within 48 hours.

Download the full Technology  Submission Guidelines here.


2020-2021 Website Request Form

The Committee Chair must submit the completed form.  Your request may include a combination of the types mentioned in the form. The requesting Committee is responsible for creating the content for the page. However, minor adjustments or design decisions may be made by the Technology Committee. Email this request and the attachments to webmaster@dstmrac.com. Excessively large files should be submitted via a shareable link from Dropbox or Google Drive. 


Download the Website Request Form here.


NOTE: Per Delta Internet Guidelines (DIG), copyrighted material cannot be posted on the website without the permission of the owner. Also, permanent links to external sites other than the National or Regional websites are not allowed.