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The Technology Committee has received an influx of meeting requests as we have transitioned to a virtual environment.  We have instituted a virtual meeting request process to allow appropriate planning and scheduling.  The below form will be required before the committee completes any request for virtual meetings.

Virtual Meeting Support

The Technology Committee can provide guidance and a practice meeting in advance, excluding those committees that host their own accounts.

  • For streaming events over 2 hours, the Technology Committee will provide support for the first 2 hours, after 2 hours we request a representative from the requesting committee to assist in any streaming activities. Additionally, the Tech Committee will need intermissions at 2-hour intervals to change support teams.
  • For hosting (no streaming required meetings), the Technology Committee will logon to Zoom and turn the meeting over to your designated host. It will the host’s responsibility to officially end the meeting.

Please read the process in its entirety before completing the form.  The direct link to the process and calendar of events can be found below:

Process for Requesting a Zoom Meeting & Meeting Support

Please review the MRAC Calendar to see what other events are going on.

In sisterhood,

Technology Committee

Virtual Meeting Request Form

Please complete the following form in its entirety. This will ensure we can complete your virtual meeting request prior to your planned meeting.

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Event Details and Contact Information

NOTE: Technology will start the Zoom meeting then transfer to the Designated Committee Virtual Meeting Host. Technology will stay on while the meeting checklist is completed. Technology will leave once the meeting has officially started

Event Scheduling Details

Zoom Meeting allows all participants the capability to share their audio and video.

  • Capacity is 1000 participants

  • Allows for 2-way communication between the panelists and attendees

  • Capability to mute all attendees

  • Waiting Room

  • Breakout Rooms

  • Meeting Reactions

Select all applicable features for your Zoom Meeting

NOTE: A member of the Technology Committee will open the meeting 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.  Once the Designated Committee Virtual Meeting Host joins the meeting,  a member of the Technology Committee will promote the Designated Committee Virtual Meeting Host to have Zoom Host Access. The Technology Committee member will assist in going through the Zoom meeting checklist, providing virtually meeting pointers, etc.  Once the meeting begins, the Technology Committee member will exit. 
If you have any questions, please email

Practice Session Details

Please provide the information for the Practice Session (if needed). This is a 30 minute session to confirm the technology setup and to discuss the flow of the meeting.